Municipal Committee Toba Tek Singh

T.T. Singh is named after a Sikh saint Tek Singh who maintained a water pond and used to serve drinking water to the passers-by. He rendered a great humanitarian service to the community and gradually the pond came to be called as ‘Toba Tek Singh’ meaning the pond of Tek Singh. There was a small mandi (grain market) close to that pond which subsequently flourished and grew into a town that was named T.T. Singh after the name of the great benefactor of the area-Tek Singh. T.T. Singh is also a colony district. The British from the beginning of the 20th century constructed an extensive irrigation network to bring the agricultural lands under cultivation that were lying uncultivated since long because of the non-availability of irrigation water. For this purpose they also encouraged new settlements by attracting the people from other populous areas. These settlements are called colonies and such districts are called colony districts.




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